Tourist Reception Centre and Wharf


03 – Tourist Reception Centre and Wharf

The Tourist Reception Centre and Wharf lies in the sea-bordering part of the heart of the development zone. It will serve the needs of the entire Emerald Bay.

Local residents and tourists can depart from the wharf for the metropolitan area, the airport and a tourist destination to ease the pressure on land transportation. In addition to being a transit hub and a place of making enquires, the tourist reception centre will also have a comprehensive range of functions ranging from restaurants, souvenir shops, waiting halls and ticket offices. Visitors can reach the wharf by boat and then arrive anywhere in the zone or the city on a bus provided by the tourist reception centre. This can considerably reduce the use of small vehicles. Visitors can also take a short break at the tourist reception centre and prepare for the next phase of the trip.

The wharf plaza attached to the wharf is directly connected to the exotic fifteen state tourist zone, thus becoming an integral part of it. At night, the wharf and the plaza will cooperate with the exotic fifteen-state tourist zone and the mangrove adventure park to mount fireworks show, music fountains and other programs so that visitors can feast on a sumptuous audio-visual banquet.


Updated on January 28, 2021 at 8:46 pm
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  • Property Type: 03 - Tourist Reception Centre & Wharf

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