The flats will come in three grades, middle range, upscale and ecological; and flats of one grade will be erected in one separate area. All flat areas will have recreation clubs, swimming pools, retail outlets and other support facilities for public use, and all flats are within easy reach of adjacent kindergartens.
All types of flats, except eco-flats, will have a minimalist modern architectural style. The grade of a flat will be identified by floorage and location. The main mid-range and upscale flats will be located closer to the sea and therefore have a commanding sea view. The eco-flats will border the mangrove reserve and share the ecological facilities there with the eco-villas. In addition, some mid-range flats will be built in the general sports base. They will be used as residences for local residents as well as high-quality support dormitories for athletes who are here to compete in sports events.
The mid- and high-rise flat buildings and the low-rise villas and higher hotels or complexes nearby will combine to form a multi-layered skyline in the development zone.
The communities in the flat areas will be more vibrant. Compared to the villa areas, the more open community spaces in the flat areas are ideal for wider social communications.

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