About Us


Massive Link Properties specialises in providing advisory, marketing and sales services to PROPERTY developers, builders, investors & owners. Our main focus is on new and off-the-plan properties purchase with special emphasis on its location, quality and potential capital growth. We source and present opportunities in NSW, mainly in Sydney Metropolitan and provide the relevant services to vendors and purchasers as Property Consultant and Real Estate Agent.



We also undertake assignments from purchasers, mainly overseas investors as Buyer's Agent to find the ideal property of their choice in Sydney from our massive agents' network.

There are no fees upfront and we undertake assignments based on a fixed fee paid on settlement!

PROPERTY SALES - Residential & Commercial

Our services also include the sales of residential and commercial properties specifically for astute vendors. Our professional and ethical approach in the marketing and sales of Real Estate will help our clients reduce stress, eliminate their worries of picking the wrong agent and establish the right selling price range for their property. Our policy ensures our client gets the best Real Estate service through our sharing scheme which  protects our client's main interests throughout the marketing campaign.  If you are thinking of selling your property, contact us for a confidential and obligation free discussion.

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